About the Company

Q perspective is a private Jordanian firm with regional operations. We provide comprehensive services  for transforming non-profit organizations and initiatives  into responsive, effective, sustainable and results-based cultures of excellence. Through its senior and diversely qualified team of partners and associates, Q perspective offers consulting services in the areas of CSR, training and capacity building, social research, organizational and strategic development, advocacy and resource mobilization and communication strategies for non-profit organizations and activities.

United Nations agencies, NGOs, governmental organizations, and corporations with Corporate Social Responsibility activities have commissioned Q perspective to implement ambitious and results-driven initiatives and innovations that have had a direct impact on the livelihood, productivity, and sustainability of the targeted groups and operations.

Along with the private sector, we work closely with non-governmental and international institutions involved in hunger and poverty alleviation, socio-economic development, health and education. We offer innovative, responsive and sustainable solutions to independently funded programmes and projects, aiming to improve social well-being in Jordan and the region.

Q perspective approach to effective service delivery

We aim to combine innovations in the fields of socio-economic development, technology and education with Q’s experience to deliver best-practice solutions to our clients.

About the ‘Q’

A “Cue” is the basic unit of human perception. Human brains process auditory, visual, olfactory, and sensory, cues to produce perception. Different forms of perception interact to produce ideas. Ideas reflect the human beings unique perspective; how they see the world, how they behave, how they think, what they innovate, and what choices they make.

The Q team

The Q team is a group of diverse professional backgrounds and experiences, each bringing specialised skills and passions to all our projects.

Yazan Majaj is the Managing Partner of Q with experience in project design and implementation.

Mohammad Abdelrahman specializes in financial management and technical and financial donor reporting.

Hana Asfour is responsible for focused, responsive and actionable social research projects.

Jumana Abdelaziz is Q’s resident communications expert, specializing in design and media for the non-profit sector.

Ahmad Deeb is an accomplished socio-economic development practitioner who has been establishing innovative small and medium projects providing job opportunities to local communities in Jordan and the Arab Middle East.

Sari Kassis is based in Lebanon and has extensive experience in project design, planning, and management with a focus on the design and operation of workers cooperatives and social enterprises.

Zeina Osman is based in Lebanon and is director of our social research and evaluations team and specialises in research on socioeconomic issues and has extensive experience in impact evaluations as well as monitoring and evaluation. Her main interest lies in the development of rural communities.


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