Training of Governmental & Civil Society Organisations

Main beneficiaries

Key staff of 14 governmental and civil society organizations in Sudan.

Main objective

Upgrading the capacities of planners, managers and implementers of health, education, agriculture and international trade projects in the area of project design and formulation to meet international standards of operation and excellence.

Project brief

Over a period of two years, Q perspective is training and mentoring 20 trainees in Sudan on all aspects of project design, formulation, monitoring and evaluation, budgeting and resource mobilization with an expected outcome of helping trainees’ organizations securing funding from local and international donors for 3-4 national projects that focus on sustainable human development, poverty alleviation, agricultural development and health services enhancement.

Services provided by Q

  • Developed training modules in Arabic and English.
  • Implemented the training over four workshops throughout the 2-year period.
  • Mentored trainees in between training workshops on developing comprehensive project proposals and collaborated with the Government of Sudan and ESCWA to secure funding for these projects.