Royal Dutch Shell (Jordan) Stakeholder Mapping Project

Main beneficiaries

Jordanian civil society organizations working in the areas of the environment and road safety, relevant governmental entities, and Jordanian universities.

Main objective

Identifying  prominent Jordanian players in areas of environment, road safety, and technical development of skills related to energy, mining, water, and geology.

Project brief

The Stakeholder mapping project involved identifying the main stakeholders in Jordan that act in Shell’s priority areas of Social Performance (Technical capacity building, the natural environment, and road safety), and detailed their mandates, main projects, future directions and strategies, and identified potential areas of collaboration with Shell in implementing their Social Investment Strategy.

Services provided by Q

In close collaboration with SHELL’s Social Performance and Corporate Affairs department, Q perspective offered the following services:

  • Researched the Jordanian market and identified the main players in SHELL’s priority areas of Social Performance.
  • Prioritized the stakeholders and held introductory meetings for gathering information.
  • Developed assessment summaries of all stakeholders and identified potential areas of collaboration.
  • Prioritized stakeholders in each area and developed recommendations for collaboration.
  • Main achievements

  • 55 stakeholders identified and assessed.
  • Potential areas of collaboration with 15 priority stakeholders developed.
  • SHELL’s visibility with stakeholders enhanced.
  • Overall framework for the Social Investment Strategy of SHELL developed.
  • Potential opportunities for collaboration, pooling of resources, and joint innovative and high impact action identified.