JOSCO’s Five-Year Social Investment Strategy (2010 – 2013)

Main beneficiaries

Relevant governmental ministries and entities, heavy-vehicle workers in the transport sector, academics in the areas of water, mining, geology and environment, and local communities in the areas of JOSCo’s field operations.

Main objective

Developing an innovative, responsive and cost effective Social Investment (SI) strategy for the period of 2010-2014 that focuses on the natural environment, heavy-vehicle road safety programs and critical knowledge transfer to the public sector and academic institutions.

Project brief

The two-year project involved close collaboration with JOSCo’s designated staff and intensive negotiations with relevant stakeholders to develop the SI strategy, identify implementing partners, sign collaboration agreements and empower an inter-company SI team to implement eight projects over three years.

Services provided by Q

  • Developed 22 project proposals, 8 of which were incorporated into JOSCo’s SI strategy.
  • Prepared comprehensive budgets for JOSCo’s SI strategy including each project proposal.
  • Developed a monitoring and evaluation system for each of the strategy’s projects.
  • Developed collaboration agreements for JOSCo to utilize when signing agreements with selected implementing partners.
  • Main achievements

  • Improvement of JOSCo’s compliance with SHELL’s international SI standards by 40% by the time the strategy was developed.
  • JOSCo’s SI strategy receiving recognition from SHELL’s Global Sustainability department and the Global Road Safety Campaign.