5-Year strategy for the Jordanian Alliance Against Hunger (2011)

Main beneficiaries

  • 300,000 undernourished Jordanian children, women, elderly and youth.
  • The food security and farming sector in Jordan.
  • Main objective

    Developing a five-year comprehensive operational strategy that is focused towards eliminating hunger in Jordan, internal operational growth efficiency and enhancing opportunities to receive large-scale funding and form strategic partnerships.

    Services provided by Q

  • Developed the new vision, mission, strategic objectives and areas of intervention of the Alliance in close coordination with the Board of Directors of the Alliance and its management team.
  • Identified project ideas and developed them into comprehensive project documents and budgets that were integrated in JAAH’s Strategic Action plan.
  • Developed a monitoring and evaluation system as well as technical and financial reporting systems for the Alliance.
  • Developed JAAH’s marketing strategy, resource mobilization and stakeholder’s engagement strategies.