Development of Operational Guidelines for Caritas Jordan (2011)

Main beneficiaries

Caritas Jordan departments and staff.

Main objective

Transforming Caritas Jordan into a highly structured organisation that deploys the best practices and standards in organizational efficiency.

Project brief

Q perspective worked with Caritas Jordan’s senior and middle management to develop all existing internal and beneficiary-focused operations into a comprehensive and interactive functional model that facilitates growth, sustainability and diversification of services.

Services provided by Q

  • Developed operational guidelines for Caritas Jordan beneficiary programs and linked them to the organisation’s central departments.
  • Developed new organizational structures that encompass central and beneficiary-focused functions and departments.
  • Developed a human resources system for non-core departments of the organization.
  • Developed workflows, communication flows and authorization matrices for all departments and staff.
  • Currently developing training programs for staff that will be conducted in the last quarter of 2011 before the new system is rolled out.