Caritas Jordan Community Centre Strategy (2011)

Main beneficiaries

Iraqi asylum seekers and migrant domestic workers in Jordan.

Main objective

Transforming the community centre from an annually- and externally-funded project to a fixed- and self-sustaining operational arm of Caritas Jordan.

Project brief

Developing a comprehensive three-year sustainability strategy for the Community Centers project, a multi-million dollar initiative that offers health, medical and psychosocial services to more than 60,000 beneficiaries.

Services provided by Q

  • Developed the new vision, mission, strategic objectives and areas of intervention for the Community Centres.
  • Identified project ideas and developed them into comprehensive project documents and budgets that were integrated into Caritas’s Strategic Action plan.
  • Developed a monitoring and evaluation system as well as technical and financial reporting systems for Caritas.
  • Trained six senior staff members at Caritas Jordan on strategic planning, project formulation, budgeting and monitoring and evaluation.