Arab Development Society Strategic Plan (Jericho, Palestine)

Main beneficiaries

    Socio-economically under-privileged families and individuals in the Jericho area and beyond.

Main objective

To develop a Master Strategic Plan for the ADS covering all relevant aspects of the organisation, its structures, development and sustainability. This includes preparing and delivering a comprehensive and holistic business plan strategy, fund raising and resource mobilization strategy for implementation of the Master Strategic Plan, including media and communications plans and monitoring and evaluation and reporting plans.

Project brief

The ADS is a not-for-profit welfare organisation that is primarily concerned with serving rural Palestinian communities by raising health and living standards, improving artisanal and agro-industries, enhancing environmental health through afforestation and commercial tree plantations, encouraging cooperatives and the provision of free agricultural and industrial training to orphans and destitute Palestinian youth. The different sections of the plan include:

Business Development Strategy

This strategy is composed mostly of a number of activities and projects that lead to the fulfilment of time-bound, measurable and ambitious strategic objectives that can be monitored and evaluated regularly. These results will be measured on clear indicators using universally accepted means and tools of verification. Tools utilised will include logical frameworks, results frameworks and detailed action plans for each activity, project and programme in the business development strategy.

Fund raising and resource mobilization


  • Map out all high-priority existing and potential donors, funders and cost-sharing partners.
  • Identify the financial and in-kind targets for resource mobilization from segmented groups of donors and will provide a road-map for the required critical activities and tasks for all levels of the Society.


Media and communication strategic plan

Focusing on awareness raising and advocacy, this plan will have clear objectives that focus on resolving the financial, political and social challenges facing the project currently and during the implementation of the business development strategy.

Monitoring & evaluation and reporting (MER) plan

This plan will highlight all the key results that need to be monitored and measured, including intermediary targets, key performance indicators, means and tools verification, as well as a risk management plan.