Abdali Innovation Award (2009)

Main beneficiaries

Graduating University students at Architecture and Engineering Departments from leading Jordanian Universities (Jordan University and Jordan University for Science and Technology)

Main objective

Enhancing the employability skills of Architecture and Engineering students in Jordan through providing the required financial resources, technical mentorship, and market exposure to them in highly demanded specializations such as green architecture, smart buildings and functional architectural design.

Project brief

The Abdali Innovation Award is a full year competition that stimulates the critical and creative thinking of Architecture and Engineering students in areas of high demand in the Jordanian Architecture and Engineering sector. The Award is part of Abdali’s CSR efforts and Abdali technical and managerial staff at the middle and upper levels of the echelon were heavily involved in all phases of design, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation of the project.

Services provided by Q

In close collaboration with Abdali, Q perspective provided the following services:

  • Developed the action plan and budget estimate for the award.
  • Developed the application, jury, and award recognition processes.
  • Advocated with universities to participate in the competition.
  • Developed orientation and sessions for students and professors.
  • Developed and conducted the final evaluation of the project.
  • Developed a five year growth and sustainability strategy for the Award.
  • Provided input for the marketing and media plan of the Award.
  • Managed the financial aid component of the budget.
  • Main achievements

  • 280 students participated in the Award.
  • Technical knowledge was transferred to students making them more employable.
  • 60 innovative and market -responsive projects were developed by the students.
  • Most students were employed by leading market players.
  • Abdali’s visibility with its customers was positively enhanced.
  • Media agencies consistently covered the award activities.
  • Universities adopted the Award projects as acceptable final graduation projects.