Welcome to Q perspective

We are an experienced team with diverse backgrounds offering innovative solutions to develop, implement and monitor programmes and projects in the fields of Corporate Social Responsibility, training and capacity building, social research, organisational and strategic development and communication strategies in Jordan and the Arab region.

What We Do

We believe that the stock-standard answers to the challenges we are facing in the region do not work and so we offer alternative approaches.

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Results-based solutions

In all areas and services, Q perspective applies a results-based approach that capitalizes on innovations in the fields of socio-economic development, technology and education.


Empowerment of clients and beneficiaries

We consider a sign of our success is clients no longer requiring our basic services and, instead, partnering with us to come up with innovative approaches to their work.


Bilingual services and policies

We understand and promote the value of operating in our native language in all the services we offer.

Selected Work

The diversity of the services we offer reflects our many interests and developed expertise.

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Social Protection Research Project (Lebanon)

Research project on Social Protection in rural areas in Lebanon with a focus on the agricultural sector. Research scope included mapping and classification of all relevant stakeholders, mapping of related policy and legislative frameworks, assessment of social protection for Lebanese farmers and non-Lebanese farmhands, and assessment of potential partners for future projects.
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Koura CSR Project - Nuqul Group

Addressing economic, educational and nutritional vulnerability in the district as a whole through focused investment in socio-economic development, food security and direct feeding and educational upgrades.
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Arab Development Society - Jericho, Palestine

Developed a holistic strategic master plan for the Arab Development Society (ADS). The Society is a unique phenomenon in the history of Palestine and the region and was an exciting opportunity for Q perspective.
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